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Joel Schat

What is your favourite on-the-go snack?

This is a tough one cause I love all of the snacks.. but I would have to go with either beef jerky or a tim hortons turkey bacon club :)

Where is your Hometown?

I was born in Smithers, BC but I currently live in Olympic Village downtown Vancouver.

What is your go-to vice to clear your head?

Hmm that would have to be getting out for a longboard session. There are not many things in the world that compare to the feeling of flying down a hill on a set of wheels :).

What's something on the bucket list that you haven't checked off the list yet?

The Bugaboos!!!!! It is on the top of the list for this summer! I love exploring the places close to where I live and the bugaboos are not that far away. I am very excited to do some climbing and hiking there this summer!

What does Human Powered Adventures mean to you?

To me Human Powered Adventures means that you have earned your adventure. It means that you didn't take the easy route or that you chose a small adventure. It means that you went through the hardship and the struggle to earn the adventure that you are on.

What is your Primary Occupation?

Content Creator :)

Who Inspires You & 1 Reason Why?

Casey Neistat. He is constantly pushing the limits with creating engaging content on a daily basis. In the outdoors industry? That would have to be Jimmy Chin. I have so much respect for photographers who not only can get the shot, but being able to do the climbs and adventures that he has while still getting the shot.. it's simply incredible!

One thing you can't leave home without?

Tough call. Realistically it would be my phone but a close second is the longboard. I use it to get around on a daily basis!

Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

Too Cold cause you can always layer up!

Why Westcomb?

Westcomb is an incredible brand that is based close to home. I know the owner pretty well and they have kept production in Canada which I love! The biggest reason though is that I just genuinely love the clothes that they make! :)

What is your go-to piece of Westcomb gear?

By far the Sitka! In BC the mountains can get very cold and when you put the Sitka on it feels like you are in a warm cloud! The Jacket is so light that it feels like you aren't even wearing anything but it keeps you so warm at the same time!

Thanks Joel!


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