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Derek Cheng

Favourite on-the-go snack:

Homemade protein bars - oat flour, brown rice syrup, butter, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, chopped dates.

One thing you can’t leave home without:

My camera (documenting all things gnarly).

What is your go-to vice to clear your head?

A little nibble of coffee cardamom chocolate to release inspiring fragrances and sweet velvet on my palate, or a long toke of some rolled tobacco after a long, hard, rewarding day in the mountains - the perfect mix of exhaustion, adrenaline, and a short, sharp hit of nicotine.

What is your Primary Occupation?

I'm a journalist and photographer, but really I just try and work as least as possible to free up time to climb, explore, travel and bask in the gloriousness that is full-time adventure.

Who inspires you?

Anyone with a thirst for adventure, a curiosity about all things and a desire to learn, and a lust for life that manifests in a rambunctious laughter and a joy that radiates all things.

What is your go-to piece of Westcomb gear?

A tie between my APOC jacket, which keeps me warm and dry and wind-free in the most challenging mountain conditions, and my Tasman Crew merino wool t-shirt, which is soft and light and odour-free, despite the most strenuous activities on vertiginous rock faces.

Thanks Derek!


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