frequently asked questions
What does the Westcomb logo represent?

Our logo reflects the mountainous and coastal environment of Vancouver and the Coastal Range of British Columbia. It’s our home. It’s not only where we make our gear, it’s where our athletes test it and where it’s refined. Our commitment to designing and manufacturing in Vancouver, enables Westcomb to constantly innovative and refine a design, its features or fit to manufacture the best performing gear available. We love getting out into the wild lands around Vancouver to test our latest styles.

Why is the company called Westcomb?

As North America’s outdoor capital, our backyard is a playground to adventure enthusiasts from all over the world. Our name reflects the diverse super natural beauty of Western Canada built on three pillars ­­– Constant Innovation, Unsurpassed Craftsmanship, Locally Made.

Is all Westcomb gear made in Canada?

Yes. Our gear is 100% made in Vancouver, Canada with the exception of a few basics that are currently made in the USA.

What payment methods does Westcomb accept?

Our web store accepts all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and AMEX) as well as Paypal.

Where can I buy Westcomb gear?

Westcomb branded products are sold through specialty retailers in Canada, USA, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. Check our Store Locator for a listing of our authorized dealers.

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